Space Invaders vs. Pac-Man

December 20 2010



52, Space, Invaders, Pac-man, Mosaic, Arcade

[Extension of my week 1 project] I've always considered arcade gaming to be in a league of its own. Whilst modern games constantly seek to entice you with cutting-edge realism in their graphics, classic arcade games don't need to compete on such a level. Whereas modern gaming is defined by graphics, arcade gaming is defined by functionality (when computers were barely more powerful than a calculator, who cared about graphics?). But what arcade gaming is subject to, as any other genre of gaming, is competition.

This one has always been contentious: space invaders vs. pac-man. Personally Space Invaders trumps Pac-man nearly any day, but some people argue the other way. In keeping with the general concept of creativity behind the 52 weeks project, I've continued the arcade theme. I tried to capture the essence of both games by using roughly 1cm by 1cm cuttings from magazines to represent pixels.

So which game do you think is better? Whatever you think, send a tweet @shanemahen or email them in.