The 52 Weeks of Progress

December 15, 2010, 6:00 pm



52 Weeks, Creative, Project

A while back I had initiated then frozen (more like quit) my own attempt to get the ball rolling with my creativity. It had not completely failed as a lot has happened since then: redesigned, churned out large volumes of photographic work and began some client work. But that drive to push the creative boundaries of my own mind has remained - so I'm restarting the 52 Weeks of Progress, a challenge where (roughly) each week I produce and post up a creative effort in any medium...

I'll begin by just declaring a list of things which I want to do. I will update the list as the year goes on, but for now:


A series of thirty second recordings
Go to a studio with the band and record House Arrest and other songs
Photography collection based on sound
Covers with a band consisting of: guitarist, keyboardist, violinist, clarinetist


3.52 Black & White set
Theme: "The little things"
A series representing different people
Get a photo and write a fictional story behind it
Photo Essay


Write a short story
Begin a story which will be continued by my readers
4.52 Economics, History and Politics


Typography self-portrait
"Walk the pencil" piece
1.52 Dice tomatoes and make a space invader
2.52 Finish of the Collective

That is it for now, but I'll add on to it